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SU Foundation Mission:

SUF mission is to serve transitioning military veterans and underserved IT/Cyber professionals with competency based cyber training that upskills and advances their cyber careers without accumulated debt.

SUF will raise funds for its own charitable purposes including SU's formal instruction to educate the underserved workforce that leads to cyber career advancement, SU Certificate Programs of Mastery and Certifications, and high wage in demand cyber jobs.

SUF is a charitable foundation attached to Security University an education provider of formal instruction, instructor led cyber security classes and exams and cyber certifications. SU programs include 5 Cybersecurity Certificates Programs of Mastery and many competency based cybersecurity certifications that lead to cyber careers and advancement of cyber careers at SU's physical location 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr, Suite 203 Reston Va 20191. Contact 203-249-8364 for more information.

SUF supports a unique for-profit non-degree university that is owned and run by an individual (no shareholders), a woman owned small business, who has been pioneering cybersecurity since 1990 without a pay check. SUF supports SU a for-profit school that charges tuition and spends 100% of the money you give them on educating you. They use it to pay your professors and instructors, which results in highly qualified and motivated teachers, constantly updating SU Certificate Programs of Mastery course materials, to help the un and under employed locate funds for find debt free cyber training and education, and maintain their facilities for free use by the community. SU uses organic marketing and word of mouth recruiting. And it's SU's primary objective to upskill the cyber workforce, earn cyber certifications required for employment that leads to long term sustainable employment. SU does not have stockholders.